Nov 08

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Having Trouble Fixing Your Credit?

Check out my good friend, Roger Cruise’s new book, “Escaping Credit Hell, A Must-Have Tactical Guide from a Credit Insider.”
“Find Out How the Game is Played, Who’s Calling the Shots, and What You Can Do to Raise Your Credit Score” – Author Roger Cruise

I’m reading the book now, and I am amazed at how much the credit game has changed over the years I’ve been in the mortgage business!

For relevant and cutting edge information from a true and local credit expert, you can “Like” Roger’s Facebook page, here. You can also download or purchase the book – along with some free samples, on his website, here!


“I’m 79. When my husband died, I discovered my credit was a mess. I didn’t know where to begin. Escaping Credit Hell not only gave me the knowledge that has empowered me to take charge of my credit score and begin cleaning up the mess but it also provides a very entertaining education on how the whole credit bureau system works (or doesn’t!).”

~ Marlene C. – New Orleans

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Reasons to Buy the book:

Found yourself suffering amid a slew of unforeseen circumstances? Maybe the loss of a job, divorce, or medical emergency, has swept away your financial position. It’s unfortunate that these situations may have then led to bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a series of blemishes which nibbled away at your credit. The bottom line is you want something better, for yourself, and your future – and you need it.

According to Fair Isaac Corporation (developer of the FICO® Score) approximately 90 million of the 215 million adults in the U.S. have either sub-prime or no credit scores at all. Even if you have a 760+ FICO® score or think you don’t need any help right now, you would be wise to know how to maximize your credit ratings.

Escaping Credit Hell is your life raft in the storm. This must-have tactical guide opens all the doors, and uncovers the truth behind the Credit Industry.

Learn about:

  • How the Credit Reporting & Scoring System Really Works
  • How Professional Credit Repair & Restoration is Accomplished
  • Preventing ID Theft
  • Dealing with the Mortgage Mess

Your future can’t afford to wait!

Purchase a Copy Now


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