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Feb 24

VIDEO: Two Great Zero Down Options for Homebuyers in Washington State


Tweet Know someone who is looking for a home, but lacks a down payment? I have a couple of great answers worth having a conversation about. Feel free to subscribe, comment, and share! Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope it benefits you. Please be sure to leave a comment or question below- …

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Sep 08

Renters & Thinkers…

Was it worth Waiting?

Tweet Don’t think too long…it’s still not too late to get in while the buying is still great. Take a look at these figures below that were just posted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) – then contact me if you would like to discuss pre-approval, budgeting, and whether buying a home makes sense …

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Sep 02

Bank of America Trying to Sell What?


Tweet It appears that Bank of America’s announcement regarding their intentions to sell the giant bank’s Correspondent Mortgage Lending division is not going to hurt any of my clients. Bank of America has been pricing themselves out of the market over the past few weeks anyway – and we have many other investors who are …

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Jul 25

Is your USDA Lender having trouble committing??

Tweet As USDA’s new fiscal year begins on 10/1 every year…the “agency” needs to reallocate funds; so (for 3-6 weeks) most mortgage companies will not be accepting USDA applications. I’m happy to announce that we are prepared for the USDA changes ahead – and will continue to close these loans without delay! It is a rare occasion that we suspend this program. …

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Jul 08

Not Saving Fast Enough For Your Down Payment?


Tweet I’ve been hearing this question from a lot of my buyers lately; so I thought I would take a moment to clarify. Just how much is enough money to put down on a home purchase in today’s world? This question can be spun in many different directions depending on your specific situation; so here are the …

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Jul 07

Are Rates Really Increasing?

Mortgage Rate History

Tweet   There’s some news floating around that mortgage rates are increasing; and that applications are down…We’re still in the mid-4’s on most 30 year fixed loans – so contact me if you want to know what’s available for your situation while they’re still this low!


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Jun 30

What’s the Best Mortgage Loan Available Right Now?


Tweet           My vote goes to USDA! No minimum down payment 1/3 the monthly cost of FHA’s monthly mortgage insurance (calculated at .3% of the sale price or loan amount annually – paid in 12 monthly installments, and included in the total payment) 30 year fixed rates currently in the high 3’s -low …

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